Connecticut Suzuki Guitar Academy


Connecticut Suzuki Guitar Academy


A graduated approach 

I first came upon this method in my early twenties and through the talent of the students of Fairfield county. I swear, there is something in the water. This kids play beautifully and I know that through my new school they will grow into the next generation of incredible guitar players... the method is the most thorough for classical guitar, and I have learned so much through the SAA about how to really teach young people to become amazing guitarists.


TESS, Fairfield County

There is a long lineage of great guitar teachers who came through Talent Education Suzuki School and trained these young stallions so well. Respect to all of you, and respect to Becki Chrisopherson who attracted a rich and diverse set of students to TESS. We are born out of TESS and carry on the torch of excellence from where we were born! 


Commissions, Summit, GFA and beyond

We are currently working with composers on new works for guitar including Nick Revel and Javier Farias on new programs of music. Now is the time to expand the repertoire for these children and guitarists everywhere. We are also planning our first Summit, with Alfonso Aguirre Dergal in Segovia next year which will feature the students of the CSGA in masterclasses, concerts and more. We are also planning on tackling the GFA and learning as much as possible from that experience!